About Able and Game

Able And Game is a stationery label that aims to create greeting cards that stand out from the crowd. Launching in February 2009 with a unique range of Valentine’s Day cards, Able and Game used humour and real sentiment to convey messages that are quirky, poignant and personal. The Able and Game collection is always expanding, with cards to celebrate birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day and generally just to brighten people's days.

The cards feature hand drawn designs with references to pop culture and trends that people easily identify with. The statements made on the cards have people nodding and laughing in agreement and the illustrations are drawn by hand, giving the cards an innocent quality that harks back to the day when you used to draw cards yourself.

The creative team behind Able and Game are Anna Blandford and Gareth Meney; Anna is the illustrator and Gareth works on the technical side. The buzz about Able and Game cards has grown to the extent that they were recently featured in both The Age's M Magazine and Real Living Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you print the cards yourselves?
Yes, we print them in our studio in Brunswick. This allows us to design new cards each week and print small runs of more offbeat cards.

Who does all the drawings?
Anna does all the drawings. Almost all the cards start of as a hand drawing, which is then scanned and digitally coloured.

Where can I get your cards?
Have a look at our stockists page to see if there is a shop near you selling the cards. Or you can buy them online.

What do you use to make the cards?
We use a 300gsm card stock for the card, a 100% recycled envelope and a cello bag to protect the card.

Where do you come up with the ideas for the cards?
Lots of different places. We have now started to think about everything and how it related to greeting cards. Late nights are spent discussing ideas and smsing them to each other at 2am just so we wont forget.

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