Markit @ Fed Square: Sunday 29Th May


We are super excited about participating in MARKit in just over a weeks time, have you seen the lineup, it is pretty amazing! Our stall is also right in front of a place that sells beer, so I'm sure I will be drinking all my....

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Cards We Will Never Make


So this morning we were reading the news story about an Australian singer holding hands (how very Lennon/McCartney!) with a rather young and famous musician from the US. Although this friendship is totally legit it got us th....

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21St Birthdays


It was a long time ago that I celebrated my 21st Birthday. It was a very low key affair compared to most, a house party in Ballarat with the guest of honour being my 15 year old brother. We called him Birrell (after the non ....

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Old Sketchbooks


Here are some images of some of my sketchbooks from university. This sketchbook was called the magical utility sketchbook and I found it in the art supply shop at uni. Despite it being the cost of my weekly food budget, th....

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Farm Life Part Two


I arrived back in Melbourne today from my little trip back to the family farm. It has been a busy start to the year after coming back from Scotland as we seemed to go straight from Valentine's Day into the Trade Show and the....

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Farm Life


Look at this little odd couple! I'm back on the family farm on the Gippsland Lakes and got to meet little piggy, the new addition to my Mum's pet collection. She has had the Goat for a few years and little Piggy arrived at C....

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Look What We Did Two Years Ago


I made this little video two years ago to show one of our cards being made and I thought it might be nice to put it back up on the blog again. If you're thinking wow this music is pretty freaking amazing then you would be cor....

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An Ode To Tv Mothers - Lucille Bluth


I think Lucille from Arrested Development is one of my favourite TV mothers because any mother will look good next to her. There are not many scenes of her on the internet, but if you've not seen the series I'm sure you coul....

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