Getting High On The Hashtags


I know I said in our last blog post that I love made up words and changes in language. One exception to that is hashtag talk, which seems to be creeping into all sorts of places. I even doing like it much in the birthplace of....

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New Tea Towel - Totes Def Amaze Balls


While we were away we sent off this design to the screen printers so we arrived back to the office and were welcomed with a brand new tea towel full of purple goodness. I'm not sure why we have not printed in purple before be....

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And We're Back


Gareth and I are back from our month overseas, back into the cold but loving embrace of Melbourne. Not that we had some kind of crazy summer extravaganza while we were away, tights were always worn, rain jackets mandatory and....

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Bowerbird Bazaar


This Friday we are flying up for the Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide. It is one of our favourite interstate markets and runs for three days with an evening event on on Friday night (did you know someone invented drinking and sho....

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One Kind Mum


Last month I got my Mum thinking cap on to make lots of new Mother's Day cards. Each year I wonder if I can come up with anything new and that maybe we have said everything that can be said about mothers. Once I get started I....

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I Really Really Really Want A Grandchild!


Being in the middle of my early middle 30s and the eldest of three childless children I can safely say that the desire for me to have children has been hinted at a few times. So much so that when creating this card I thought ....

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Colour Box Studio Pozible Campaign


Last year we got involved in a new community arts space in Footscray called Colour Box Studio. They had a pop up shop running in November and December that we stocked with a bunch of other local people as well as some worksho....

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Wet And Wild Dishes


We have just got our new tea towel design back from the printers and it is now listed in our online shop. This design is based on our wet and wild card and after a night enjoying some fancy champagne we thought it would be gr....

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