Dad I'd Like To Formally Tell You That You No Longer Embarrass Me Anymore
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Aaah, the embarrassing Dad. Answering the phone with a strange made up accent when your friends called and pretending he didn’t understand what they were saying.Driving like he thinks he’s a formula one driver and scaring your friends when he takes the bend too fast.Eating food way past it’s used by date at your family get together, making your in-laws wonder what kind of environment you grew up in.However, did you ever wonder if you embarrass your Dad?
Able And Game cards are made with love and humour at our studio in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia. We print the cards ourselves with a digital press onto 300 GSM paper. The card comes packaged inside a cello sleeve with a white 100% recycled (from post-consumer waste) envelope. The cards are blank inside. The last image shows how the card comes packaged, but isn't this particular card. Card Size - A6 when folded Height: 14.8 Cm/5.8 Inches Width: 10.5 Cm/4.1 Inches