Six Things Every Cat Lover Understands


Think about all the delightful things that exist in the world. I bet patting a kitty belly is right up there with the best of the best. The fur on a belly is so soft and when a cat lets you touch them they are basically telling you they trust you, a huge human with big hands that are probably cold.

If I am presented with a choice of products and one of them has a cat on it, hands down it will be the one I select. If your steering wheel club lock doesn't have a cat on it, is it even worth owning?

We have a cat scratching post in our front room and our cat has taken to sitting on it when we leave and arrive home. Seeing her as we pull into the driveway is so sweet, we wave as we come in, she doesn't wave back.

Imagine you're watching Game of Thrones. Now imagine all the swords are replaced with kitty litter scoops Dirty kitty litter scoops. The show just got so much better yeah?

This seems to happen to Gareth every night, and he has this weird cat allergy that comes and goes. Sometimes the cat sitting on his lap with claws digging in causes huge welts to appear, yet he will never say no to her sitting on his lap.

When you visit someone's house and they have a cat, it can turn a good day into an amazing day. Even if the cat hides under the bed the whole time (you're willing to get down on all fours to take a peek!), it's still nice to know there is a cat in your vicinity.