A Large Margharita Thanks


Gareth and I were having dinner with a friend a few weeks back and the guy making our pizza and pasta had this t-shirt on. I thought it was the funniest thing I had seen in a long time and wondered how old it was. I told our ....

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Deux Calendar!


This is the second Able and Game calender we have designed with a focus on the different fashions worn throughout the different seasons. It is also in A4 format and is available on Etsy. I will be working on some more during ....

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We Are Coming To Sydney!


Gareth and I are both very excited that Able and Game will be taking part in the Sydney Finders Keepers Market in December. The market is on Friday 4th December from 6pm-10pm and then on Saturday 5th December from 10am-8pm a....

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2010 Calendar - In Twenty Ten I Plan To Work Out Again


Our first Able and Game 2010 Calendar is available in our Etsy shop. It features our Why Yes I Have Been Working Out man doing what he does best, working out. We will have some more designs coming soon featuring other card de....

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Don't You Need Protective Clothing?


If you watched the video in our last post and thought the guy who cleaned up nuclear waste was pretty funny then you might like this card. He is a little bit unsure of himself, something I put down to his lack of protective c....

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I Want All These Guys On All Our Cards


"Hi, my name is Munro. Aah you've probably already noticed that I have increadibly blue eyes""I'm a 25 year subscriber to both Playboy and the New Yorker Magazine""Life is a playground and I want someone to play with""I'm int....

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How Much?


This is a new love/romance card we have available, featuring a cute little girl with some very red lips. The card is available on Etsy and at a few shops around the traps including Sandy Designs in Newtown.Things Gareth and I....

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What Are You Doing Tomorrow Night?


I know what Gareth will be doing, hogging the free atari and enjoying some half price food. If you're in the area, why not get a work out and take the stairs up to the Revolver Designers Market where you will find our cards,....

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