Since we started our Melbourne based cards back in 2009 a few new stations have opened up in Melbourne. Obviously their first priority when naming these stations was thinking long and hard about if it could work on an Able an....

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Round The Studio


The other week I realised we had almost been in our new studio for a long as we were in the old one at the East Brunswick Club. That seems like an eternity ago and I have forgotten the 4 flights of stairs like woman forgets c....

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Old Sketchbook


These are a few little sketches I found in an old sketchbook I was flipping through. They are from around the time I started my first little creative business. I thought the little vampy drawing had become a felt brooch that ....

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Tv Stuff


Do you ever get obsessed with your favourite TV shows you end up buying things related to them? That Liz Lemon Lemon keyring is pretty funny, but the Better Call Saul t-shirt (I keep saying It's All Good Man because it soun....

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Father's Day This Sunday


This isn't the first time I've posted this picture of me and my Dad circa 1980 for Father's Day (which is this Sunday coming up) but it is my favourite so I keep going back to it. The thing that now scares me is he is younger....

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Just over a year ago we were on the Design Files as a guest blogger. I had great fun drawing five themes for our trials and triumphs of modern life and it is nice to look back on them a year later. Do you ever dream about run....

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We had a bunch of requests over the years for cards to give someone when you want them to be your bridesmaid. Ugly dresses is one thing that sticks in my mind when I think of bridesmaids and my memory always goes back to a w....

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