Keep On Praying Dog People


I think this line by Angela from The Office is one of my favourites. Of all time.....

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What We Have Been Reading


AnnaI just, as in on Friday night, finished reading The Marriage Plot. I didn't know Eugenides also wrote The Virgin Suicides until I saw the cover, but I've heard a few people talk about Middlesex over the years (I got it mi....

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2013 Calendars Are Now On Etsy


We have just listed our 2013 calendar on Etsy. Here is some information about the calendars:We currently have three designs; Melbourne Stations,  Swimsuit (shown above) and a Kitty Calendar.They are printed onto a lovel....

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Things We Found On Etsy


A: Waxed Canvas seems to be the perfect material to make bags from. It looks aged, it looks like it would age well and also be super durable. This rucksack is from Infusion.B: Turns out my eyes are not working as well as they....

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Cats At The Office


Last week I mentioned on the blog how we are all a bit cat obsessed in the Able and Game office. We have a few cats that hang around the place and this little guy ended up just coming into the studio. He must have felt like a....

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George A. Romero At The Astor


We got some new postcards printed up and they arrived this week ready to give away with our online orders and at market stalls. We decided to go with a design we have had for a while now, the zombie card and we had a good rea....

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Cows Don't Get Milked In A Diary


Over the years a few people have asked us if we could make a diary. This was something I have always wanted to do, but in terms of production it was always daunting. Finally things have occurred to make this year the year we ....

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What We've Been Reading


Anna I just finished Murikami's Sputnik Sweetheart a few weeks back. It is the second Murakami I've read, the first being The Windup Bird Chronicles. This was much shorter which made me a little sad as I think I wanted more f....

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