Art Class


Next week I will be teaching an illustrating class at Do Re Me in Elsternwick. The class is for school age children and you can book online here. Last school holidays I taught a similar class and I was a little bit daunted by....

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Things For Spring


Time to do a little change of season retail therapy and dust away the winter cobwebs.//ONE// Pretty yellow cardi from David Lawrence.//TWO// A cute bird mobile from Snug Studio to move around because you can now leave the doo....

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Deep Fried Charming Potato Blocks


Over the road from our office is an old school takeaway sandwich shop that has probably been around for 30 years. When we get lazy and don't pack a lunch we pop over to get something to eat, usually a sandwich but sometimes s....

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Brains And Stuff


This is how I'm feeling at the moment due to printer settings, duplex, 2 up, double sided and flipping paper around when it comes out of the printer.....

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D. Shrigley


David Shrigley is one of my favourite artists. When we were over in Scotland almost two years ago they had some of his work at the gallery in Glasgow and it was good to see them in real life rather than on the interwebs. We a....

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Are We Making 2013 Calendars?


A few people have been asking us if we will be doing calendars for next year. We have been a bit slower in getting them ready but I'm happy to announce we have three (Melbourne, Kitty and a brand new Swimsuit) finished and th....

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Ian And Brody


We started watching Homeland last night and every time Damian Lewis's character Brody came on the screen he reminded me of homeless Ian Beale from Eastenders.Gareth has gone and done a big whoopsie and got me slightly addicte....

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Recipe: Beetroot Salad


Like most Australians born in the '80s I'm a little ashamed to admit that my only understanding of beetroot was the canned variety. Growing up on a farm with a father who had a substantial vegie patch for most of my childhood....

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