Art Class


Next week I will be teaching an illustrating class at Do Re Me in Elsternwick. The class is for school age children and you can book online here. Last school holidays I taught a similar class and I was a little bit daunted by the idea of primary school aged children. The secondary teacher in me got to writing my lesson plan and I suddenly worried it might be too difficult, too fast paced or not fast paced enough and I would run out of activities. Lucky for me the girls in the class were clever, funny and creative and they kept up with the many tasks I gave them and did a huge amount of work in the 3 hours. I was impressed with how hard they worked, they almost filled the little sketchbooks they were given.

People often ask if I still miss teaching and I always say I miss the kids. You can be silly with them and have fun interesting conversations and they keep right up with the silliness. We had a great time in the last class drawing some very strange and odd situations (a man riding on a dog who is riding a motorbike) to get their creative minds going. At first they were a little surprised about drawing such odd situations but it really helped to set the scene and get them thinking about things differently. So if you have a school aged boy or girl (last time it was all girls so I would love to have a few boys!) then book a spot and they can impress me with their drawing skills.