We Went To Sydney


Last week Gareth and I spend a few days up in Sydney. Leaving the warm hot embrace of Melbourne was a little sad as the weather reported Sydney would only be a measly 27 degrees. We arrived a few hours late due to someone rem....

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Wee Bairn


Gareth comes from Scotland, a place where they call babies and children 'bairns' and I was born in a town called Bainsdale. Coincidence? I think so. You might also be wondering if this is Gareth's official tartan but sadly it....

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Thank You Dance


What would a special thank you dance look like? If you're in your undies then I think it can involve high kicks without risk of ripping your trousers. I drew this image and I am suddenly confusion by the lack of trousers alon....

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An Email From My Father


Information you might like to know:1. Subject line of the email: Anna with a dog 0012. My Mum is wearing a handmade raffia hat.3. I am not wearing shorts, they are overalls.4. We got the dog my Mum is holding. His name was Pe....

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Custom Book Covers


I did these custom book covers for a friend's birthday recently and I thought I would share them on the blog. They were originally designs for a card but I figured they would also look good as bigger prints. I did them in a s....

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Keep On Wishing



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