That Time Of The Year


I just realised we have not blogged about a few of our Christmas cards. We made them back in October/Early November when it wasn't really the right time to start promoting them. Then the few weeks after that zinged by and su....

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The Lovely Tea Towels


This is our You're All Sorts of Lovely Tea Towel. When we had to choose which card designs we wanted made into tea towels the two that stood out the most were Zone Two and You're All Sorts of Lovely. The prints came out look....

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On The Weekend....


Gareth and I just finished up a big weekend that started Friday and ended when we opened a bottle of Sav Blanc around 7pm last night. With Finders Keepers on Friday and Saturday and then Melbourne Design Market on Sunday as ....

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Tea Towels!


We have finally put our tea towels online to purchase, mainly because I wanted to get decent photographs and I put it off for a couple of days, weeks actually more like months! But the months feel like weeks and the weeks fe....

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I Just Sit Around And Draw Kitties All Day Long


As you know we have three calendar designs, but we will very soon be adding a fourth. This one took a little longer because we had to draw a few new designs including the one above. The calendar will be kitty themed and incl....

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We made a new range of cards last week called our 'yay' range of cards. We started with the 'yay for your new home' card and thought we would add a few more yay worthy things.We have a yay for your birthday in purple, yay fo....

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Power Up Emily, Anne And Charlotte!


When flying back from Adelaide last month I decided to get a book for the flight and ended up with Jane Eyre. I became a bit obsessed with it and recently got a massive book with all the Bronte sisters novels and I'm current....

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Mulder And Scully


Apparently in the late '90s when Gareth was on a trip to Blackpool the hot English sun was too much for him and he decided to protect his delicate Scottish skin with a cap. Obviously the sun affected his decision making skil....

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