On My What?


People who hang around on boats know how to do the following things well:tie knots (if you can't tie knots tie lots and lots!)let flares off on merry occasions like New Years Eveswim without floaties This long overdue card (....

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November And December Market Dates


Every Saturday ROSE STREET ARTIST MARKETTime: 11am - 5pmWhere: 60 Rose Street, FitzroyEvery Sunday ROSE STREET ARTIST MARKETTime: 11am - 5pmWhere: 60 Rose Street, FitzroyThursday 11th November REVOLVER DESIGN M....

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Craft Hatch


This Saturday Craft Hatch will be running at the State Library of Victoria from 11am - 4pm in the Experimedia room and we will be there. I've always wanted to go along to this market but because our weekends are always busy d....

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Wes Says


We have had this cute little range of cards called Wes Says for a few months now and I just realised we had not put them online. Wes started off as just a good luck card and we decided he was so cute he could go from bit par....

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Hot And Cold


On Monday I spent the day on the beach in Adelaide where it was warm and sunny (and also the same in Melbourne I think?). However something went a little awry with the old weather and it is back to heaters, hot water bottles....

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Canon In D


If you've been to a few weddings then I'm sure you've heard Pachelbel's Canon in D. If you can't remember how it goes you can listen to it on Youtube, complete with still drawing of Johann (video cameras were not around in t....

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