We made a new range of cards last week called our 'yay' range of cards. We started with the 'yay for your new home' card and thought we would add a few more yay worthy things.

We have a yay for your birthday in purple, yay for your engagement in yellow, yay for your new baby in pink and blue, yay for your new job in green and the yay for your new home in orange. They are printed on a lovely parchment paper that has this really lovely texture to it and each one comes with a coloured envelope to match the colour of the design.

Like the majority of our cards the image started off as a hand drawing, although this time I used ink to create the images. Rather than use a paint brush I used two different sized points (one was a wooden chopstick, the other a dead fine liner - only the best tools for Able and Game!). Although it takes a lot longer to create a design and you're forever dipping into the ink, I love the line it creates.