D. Shrigley


David Shrigley is one of my favourite artists. When we were over in Scotland almost two years ago they had some of his work at the gallery in Glasgow and it was good to see them in real life rather than on the interwebs. We also got his book Man In A Room mentioned in the above video in the US. It's been sitting in the secret back pocket of my bag, still in its cello bag for about two and a half months. I like knowing it is there.

Artworks that contain lists, observations or collections of things are particular favourites of mine. Looking in people's studios is another favourite as I love to see where people work, what materials they use, how messy they are and what they stick on the wall. This video ticks all the boxes. This picture of a pizza David took also made me laugh as it does remind me of food in Glasgow, although maybe with a batter. I so hope deep fried battered chip pizza is a thing when we go back there.