Are We Making 2013 Calendars?


A few people have been asking us if we will be doing calendars for next year. We have been a bit slower in getting them ready but I'm happy to announce we have three (Melbourne, Kitty and a brand new Swimsuit) finished and they should be ready to go very soon. It has been a fun process designing them but because we have a new printer it has been a little more time consuming because nothing is on auto pilot at the moment!

Here is a sneak peek at one of the pages for the cat calendar above. I put the original drawing up on Instagram a few weeks back and asked people to guess what it was going to be called. I wish we could have called it The Great Catsby but there is already a Korean Comic with the same name so I stuck with the original.

This image was loads of fun to make and it feels a lot different to my usual style. I'm tempted to turn it into our next tea towel design which I'm about to start working on. I'm wanting it to be cat related and have been thinking of doing I touched a cat, but I think this one would really look great as a screen print.