Thomas And The Rabbit


When we were in Virginia we went for a walk after dinner around the town we were staying in called Roanoke. We ended up spotting about 12 cats just wandering around, one chased us ninja style around the corner, another was this huge big Bengal. We were pretty impressed with these spottings, then went round the corner and found two cats running around under the cars. We realised they were chasing something and as we got closer we realised it was a tiny rabbit. I managed to catch it, but as I did a guy came out from a house and asked if we were okay (people are so nice in Virginia!). I said there was a little rabbit and he managed to catch it before his dog came running out and scared the cats a bit. We found out the cat was called Thomas and we dubbed his friend Ice Cream Face. I'm sure Thomas was a bit pissed we took away his "friend" but we saved a tiny baby rabbit!