Kitty Cats Cards


A few months ago I decided a fun Tumblr blog to create would be called Cats on Film. Anytime I saw a cat on TV I would stop whatever I was watching, take a photo of the TV (nothing fancy) and then upload it with the title and what time said cat appeared. I soon discovered how busy I would be as I saw a white cat in the film The Fifth Element and Jane got a fluffy white cat in an episode of Happy Endings.

A few months back we did a little interview for Everguide about the Brisbane Finders Keepers. They asked what my favourite piece was and this was my answer:
I think I like anything cat related. As a life-long member of the crazy cat club it's nice to see cats finally get some recognition as supreme leaders of the internet. Move over porn, your time is over.

I had forgotten about the interview so when I saw it I was like oh dear I wrote that? Speaking of cat cards, we have some new note cards, fresh in the shop in packs of five and packs of 20.