The Things We Are Doing


I think our jetlag finally wore off, our feet got used to the pain and we found some amazing coffee. Today is our last day in NYC and up until now we have had great weather (okay, we got caught in the rain yesterday, but huddling under an awning with 8 other people was a fun bonding moment).

On Saturday we discovered Brooklyn Museum and after four hours we decided it was our favourite place. We went Saturday morning and pretty much had a run of the place. The building and collection are amazing. It's top of our new must see list in New York.

We then trained it over to the transit museum. Housed in an old underground station it had an interesting history of the building of the system, which is totally amazing. There was also a cat there.

We then walked over Brooklyn Brudge then trained it out to Williamsburg to check out the Artist and Flea market. It's sort of similar to Rose Street but runs from 10am-7pm. That's a long day for carny folk! Then we found a dive bar and drunk the PBR beer that seems popular in the area.

Yesterday we checked out Grand Central Station, the whispering wall (if you're shouting "is it working??" then you're doing it wrong, and the Public Library. We then went to the Upright Citizens Brigade to see Assscat 3000. Amy Poehler started it years ago and was there performing. It was very funny, very clever and the best value $10 ever.