Fineliners Are A Gateway Pen That Lead To Harder Inks


Sometimes I think it is really easy to get into a bit of a drawing rut. You stick to a certain style, then when you look back over other work you wonder why it's so much better than the current stuff. I've been playing around with using a brush and ink for a few weeks and was enjoying it, although the brush was a bit too thick. I wanted a nib, so I could get a much finer line. Our office is pretty much round the corner from Dean's Art Supply on Sydney Road but for some reason I kept putting off going and getting me some nib. The other day I went with Bridget (which was good as she knows a bit about them) and got a couple. I think my motto in life should be "why didn't I just go do that earlier?" because I think I say it on a daily basis.

The nib and ink is really lovely, I love the raised surface it creates on the paper and the line work feels a lot better. I drew the guy below and Gareth commented that it was a really good one (this hasn't happened in a while....). Once the ink started flowing so did the ideas and that is when I'm happiest, when the ideas are coming think and fast.

Here is the finished card below, he is available on Etsy, perfect for moments when you just want to sit and stare into a dreamboats eyes.