The Internet. And Cats.


Over the weekend I was looking around the internet, getting lost on those Tumblr pages that just have loads of weird/funny pictures. Those places are dangerous, suddenly you're on page 22 and in this half asleep stupor and the only thing that will get your out is a brisk walk and a slap on the face.

Sometimes these "sessions" get you something really good like the website Kitties and Bullshit. Not sure what the bullshit is because I only saw amazing but then I'm kitty obsessed so it could be a blog about cats sitting in bullshit warming their paws and I'm going to love it. The site has = three simple boxes ticked, there is drawing, there is cats and there is familiar song lyrics. It's by a Brooklyn based illustrator called Sofia Falcon. You can view her portfolio here.

Image Source: Kitties and Bullshit