Since shifting office and coming back to work after Christmas I've been designing new cards. Around mid November I realised I wouldn't have time to design anything new and to just focus on everything else December throws at you. I didn't realise taking time off from doing a job that really is the whole foundation of our business would have such an impact. It's almost like I forgot what it was that I did and was coming up with ideas for cards that were pretty craptastic. On Saturday I dropped Gareth off at Rose Street and got to work in the office on my own with only the internet to distract me. Then I came up with this card:

At first I thought I couldn't make it, it was too ridiculous. But once I drew it, coloured it and printed it I got the giggles. Then I remembered that this was what it was all about. I showed it to Gareth that night with the warning that he was going to hate it, but it was my new favourite card. He smsed me on Sunday to say someone had bought one. Mullety cat man is available on Etsy. Or in your dreams, he can deal with both.

As an aside, can you imagine if the Katy Perry song was the same lyrics as this card? I think the world would be a better place.