The Summer For ....



Summer is my favourite time of year. I like it because you can go swimming, drinking is more fun and it has that fantastic 6 days between Christmas and New Year when going at a slow pace is expected. Even if you don't do anything amazing the thought of those 6 days makes November and December's super busy times more bearable.

This summer we have been going a little cocktail crazy. We got some shakers, we got some booze and we got some books and have been mixing up a storm. We are usually beer and wine drinkers but cocktails have been growing on us the last year or so. Building a drinks cabinet is a long process (unless you're rich) so we have been slowly adding to it for months.

Gareth's current favourite cocktail is a Whiskey Sour and I like anything not too sweet. Last night I yanked a lime off a tree while walking home from the new office and it went well in a rummy number I took from Stephy A's colourful stripey cookbook. It is in the Lemon/Lime section and it uses the rule of 1 bitter, 2 sweet, 3 strong and 4 weak which I think it is a pretty good way to go about making your own cocktail recipe, and it rhymes.

So I think this summer we will be creating some cocktail themed cards (to go with these two...) and if you have any favourite drinks please sent them our way!