Game On Game: Ninjump


Ninjump is a quick and simple smart phone game where you have to get as high up a wall as possible. With games like this I always wonder, how high can you go? Does the game ever run out or do they make some algorithm where it lasts for ever? I guess you want good value for your 99 cents, but do you get good life value if you’re playing the game enough to get that good? It is a handy little standby game when you have a spare 10 minutes and you have already grown bored of the email/facebook/twitter check but isn't as addictive as Angry Birds. I know they wont be making a Ninjump film any times soon!

Cost: .99c download
How long till you get the hang of it: 3 goes
Play it when: You’re on public transport or stuck in a waiting room
Platform: iPhone and Android
IQ Improvement: -5
Addictiveness: Medium
Honeymoon is over: When the headache starts from the moving screen