Post Markit Wrap


Yesterday was MARKit at Fed Square and it seemed all of Melbourne was out and about. A few times as I looked out from my stall it felt like a river of people streaming by. I had lovely spot next to Me and Amber (yes I did get another cushion!) over one of those heated wooden grates in the Atrium. I also had my Mum helping me for most of the day doing things like dashing off to get change, dashing off to get more change, getting lunch and cups of tea as well as some birthday present hunting. Her take on the market was "wow Anna, there is some really amazing stuff here, really lovely well designed products" and I think she was right. The whole day went really smoothly and I didn't even feel tired afterwards thanks to the three cups of tea and warm snuggy feet. Gareth and I got home (through some crazy busy Sunday afternoon traffic) and spent the night in very good company with some beer, curry and board games. The next MARKit date is Sunday 27th of November and although that feels like yonkers away it will be here before you know it.