Cards We Will Never Make


So this morning we were reading the news story about an Australian singer holding hands (how very Lennon/McCartney!) with a rather young and famous musician from the US. Although this friendship is totally legit it got us thinking about those celebrity relationships that are obviously created by a publicist and a few vodka martinis to help boost their clients star power. I would love to listen into a power deal between two publicists when organising such a union and I hope they say things to each other like:

"let's set off this love juggernaut into space and watch our stars twinkle"

"She must get spotted buying groceries. Specifically the ones he endorses, a budget mouthwash and orange juice concentrate"

"It's going to be the hottest romance of the week, maybe even month"

"She can touch his the palm of his hand and his wrists, but not the back of his hand, his face and specifically not his hair"

"If we can capture the scent of the X factor romance they have we can sell it as a perfume called romatickles"