Boys Are Lovely Too You Know


Did you know that Able and Game just turned two. I've heard stories about the terrible twos but I think turning two is pretty exciting. Two years ago I made our You're All Sorts of Lovely card and it has been one of our most popular cards. We really felt after two years she needed a wee friend, a companion boy card, so we got to making one after all these years (can you refer to two years as all these years, it feels a little too short to be an "all these" just yet??).

We often get asked if the boy or girl should buy the card featuring the boy or girl when we have the option. We like to think there is no special rule and people should do what feels right but we find most of the time the girls will buy the cards with the girls on them and the boys will buy the cards with the boys on them. I wonder if lovely boy and lovely girl would love one another? I certainly think our lazy eye girl wouldn't go anywhere near our lazy eye boy, she probably doesn't even have a real lazy eye, just a bunch of mascara stuck in it, so he is far too good for her anyway!