Getting Wet


On Saturday we went to Laneway Festival where it was a sea of gumboots despite it not raining once during the day. Those of you in Melbourne on Friday night would understand why, as it rained like the sky was being paid causing the South East to turn into a series of inland islands. Our house almost flooded and we discovered how good we are in a panic situation. Not good at all. At one stage I was kicking the water from our back door yelling "go away! go away!" On the 'how helpful was this' scale with one being not very helpful and ten being very helpful this would rate as a -7. Lucky our back yard unlakeified itself pretty quickly and only our laundry (stored full of stuff) flooded. It made me realise how lucky we were compared to QLD and how quickly water can fill up a pretty small space.

Back to the gumboots, I think I saw about 5000 pairs on Saturday and the only way to get them out of the system was to draw them, so I thought a music festival card was in order. I used to be scared of going to music festivals because the thought of watching a band you love play while another band you love is playing close by really upset me. Then I realised I was just being a bit of a dick and got over it.