We Love Zines: Volume 3 - All My Friends Are Dead


Gareth and I were in town today and we stopped by Sticky and got us some zines. Normally we buy them online (zines delivered to your door!) but this time we got to see and touch and look inside. 

I was rather excited because vol. 2 of All My Friends Are Dead Because I Shot Them was in the shop. I'm sure when I was a teenager I would have wanted to make a zine (if I even knew what one was) but it is one of those things you talk about doing but never actually do. So I'm pretty proud the author Scott is one of those people who actually did it. I guess the benefit of making a zine when you're in school is the photocopying is free because there is always an art teacher who will do your photocopying. But these are just not photocopied, there is hand colouring in each of them as well. 

Volume one and two are both at Sticky and although the title might sound a little ominous it is actually just an honest and open account of how one person was feeling which I think is pretty brave. So if you have a teenager tell you they want to make a zine, don't respond with "a what?" but rather "to Officeworks for a long arm stapler, post haste!".