You Are Team Number One!


We discovered a few people in Australia buying our "I want you as my Amazing Race partner" cards recently and discovered that Australia is producing their very own Amazing Race. So these cards were being given to people for real, as in get the camera out it's time to make an audition tape. I know it might not be as good as the US version but I'm really crossing my fingers it doesn't end up as bad as the Australian edition of Survivor. I am also hoping Phil hosts, if they get Phil I will be happy!

Applications close on the 17th of September and I had a quick look at the forms just to see what kind of questions they were asking and a few stood out, purely for the funny answers people will give:

  • What is your opinion of foreigners?
  • Have you ever hit someone in anger or self-defence?
  • Other than appearing on “The Amazing Race Australia”, what is the next big thing you want to achieve?

A few people have asked if Gareth and I will apply. I would like to present you with the following clip and what would most likely occur if we did end up on the show: