I'm A Survivor


With the finale of Survivor just airing in the US a few hours ago, I'm super excited about finding out who wins Season 20: Heroes v Villains. Gareth and I love Survivor and I've loved it from the moment it first aired back in 2000 and amused my housemates in the second season (Australia) when I took notes.

Gareth and I often talk about how we would like to see a season with actors playing characters from different TV shows. I am sure it would be a logistical nightmare, but can you imagine watching McNulty from The Wire trying to align with Sue Silvester from Glee while they blindside George Costanza from Seinfeld? So what we want to know is who would you like to see on this crazy TV character Survivor? I don't think it really matters how old the show is, although I am sure Lucille Ball might have a few confusions about why a TV camera is following her around on an island.

The new card is available on Etsy, as well as our weekly markets. And if you're a fan and want to email me about the show, please feel free!