Apple Flavour For Me Please


I was sitting at Rose Street on Sunday drawing up some ideas for Valentine's Day cards Gareth had scrawled onto an envelope. Our next door neighbour at Rose Street on a Sunday is Mark from Record Attempts. He makes journals from old records, so if you play your cards right you can see Julio wink at you. I was reading Gareth's suggestions and one of them made him come up with this idea for this card.

I was rather fond of the idea and drew this lovely tattooed lady drinking an apple prima. When coming up with the wording for the card one of my ideas for the text seemed a bit lewd, I'm not sure what double strawing a juice box might mean, but it just doesn't sound right. Anyway our card is not meant to have any rude connotations, it is all primary school sweetness and nice. You can get this card on Etsy or at Rose Street Artist Market this weekend.