Able And Game's 10000Th Sale On Etsy - A Big Prize To Be Won!


Our 10000th sale has crept up on us and we realised we better get our wheels into action and sort out things like prizes and the like. So to celebrate, whoever buys our 10000th item will be winning a big pile of Able and Game cards, in fact the pile is so big it will last you a year. Yes a year's worth of greeting cards. We plugged numbers into the calculator and decided that this was 2 cards per week, a total of 104 cards. Pretty soon you will be known as Greety because you give out so many cards. The 10000th item purchased sale person (or TIPSP for short) will get to choose the cards, or we can help chose the cards because it will be a big decision, 104 big decisions. The TIPSP will also get a years worth of Able and Game tea towels. As we have 12 designs that is one for each month of the year. Image how dry your dishes will be! Super dry!

We are currently on 9927 sales, so not long to go now! You can visit our Etsy shop right here.