Dirt Box


This winter, living in Melbourne seriously made me consider shifting to Brisbane. I remember going to sleep one night clutching two hot water bottles thinking this would never happen in Brisbane. Coincidentally I met Alyssa from Lyssy May the next day, who had shifted down from Brisbane to Melbourne and she made it sound rather sunshiny and lollypoppy.

I can however live vicariously through the cards we send off to all these lovely shops in locations much warmer. Dirtbox is a menswear store in Brisbane, on broadway on the mall, and they stock a range of our Able and Game cards. I love the wood paneling and framed portraits hanging above the clothing racks and they have a great blog featuring the fashions they stock in the shop. If you're feeling a little left out because you're a girl they have a sister shop next door called Bessie Head for woman's clothes and accessories, and they also have a blog. If you're in Brisbane I am sure you already know about this shop, I think it is probably the go to place for great fashion, if not, now you know where to go.