Surviving On Sharpie Fumes


The last week has been a bit of a blur and I can't believe it was a week ago I was packing up ready to go to the Carlton Exhibition Buildings to set up for Design Made Trade. The opening night was fantastic fun, especially after spending Tuesday night and all of Wednesday sniffing sharpie fumes and feeling like I was in an episode of Top Design with the deadline looming. A big thanks to Sam for including us in his post on The Vine about the 5 things he loved at DMT and to Lucy for saying lovely things about us on The Design Files.

We also took part in This Is Not A Design Market which was a great event, although I didn't get a chance to have a look around at all the stalls. I wasn't sure what to expect and lucky my parents were in the city and answered my emergency "please come back and help me" sms. Hello to all the people who came by, it was great to chat to you and see that our sense of humour is appreciated by others. Gareth and I both agree, the highlight of making our cards is seeing people laughing and getting enjoyment from them. We will be back at Rose Street this Saturday, hopefully with some new designs, which always seem to come at 2am when we don't have a pen and paper handy!