Hi Oprah!


Have you ever loved someone so much you had to get up on the couch and jump about? People might think you're weird, but jumping on furniture really is quite a bit of fun so combining it with a declaration of love must make it about the best thing ever. This Able and Game card is available in our Etsy shop, and this weekend if you're out and about in Melbourne you might find us at one of the three markets we are doing.

I think this Sunday is going to be the day you bump into everyone in the city, with the
Open House, Design Made Trade and This Is Not A Design Market on. But if you are not out on Sunday you can still come and see us at Design Made Trade or Rose Street on Saturday. Gareth will be at Rose Street on Saturday so go chat to him about how you love his Get Well Monkey card, that Picard is a far better captain than Janeway and how Magic: The Gathering Online is loads of fun.