Dawn Of The ...?


Who doesn't like a Zombie film? Even if you think you don't like them there is always Shaun of the Dead and Fido, both have what I call "friendly zombies", the kind even unfit people can most likely make a getaway from. Just stay well clear of 28 Days Later, unless you're a Sandra Bullock fan, in which case you should have rented 28 Days.

For the king of zombie films look no further than George. Just check him out for his glasses alone! Able and Game have a new card that is a bit of a tribute to the man himself, a card that lets people know you like them. A card that says if you were a zombie you would hunt high and low for their brains first. The card is on Etsy, and will of course be at Rose Street this weekend. I'm hoping some Zombie fans come along, we need more suggestions for our next Zombie Film Night.