One Kind Mum


Last month I got my Mum thinking cap on to make lots of new Mother's Day cards. Each year I wonder if I can come up with anything new and that maybe we have said everything that can be said about mothers. Once I get started I realised how wrong I am, there is always things to be said, especially about Mothers!

I was in our local Post Office a week or so back, stood in front of the Mother's Day display and thought I would have a look at what they had available. I noticed a very distinct trend, all the cards had flowers on them in some form or another. After noticing this I realised how we don't use flowers on any of our Mother's Day cards, except this one which is ALL flowers. I'm not sure if flowers is something that represents Mother's Day in the same way golf/plaid represents Father's Day and cupids and love hearts represent Valentine's Day. All I know is we didn't follow that rule. We did follow the rule that says at least one of your cards needs to feature a cute pink jumper with a snowflake on it and we created this, for the unique snowflake mother out there. The card is available on Etsy for that kind Mum in your life.