I Love You Mum


When Gareth came home from work yesterday I showed him this card and he said "that is lovely, really cute". I think he likes how he looks like a little boy and also an adult. I like how he is a bit dorky and is holding a bunch of flowers that were most likely picked from someone else's garden. This new Able and Game card is available on Etsy and also Madeit. I've just updated the Madeit shop with all the Mother's Day cards so if you prefer to shop in Australian Dollars then this is the place for you.

We also have a new stockist in St. Kilda. Dorothy and Evelyn is on Barkly Street, just near the National Theatre. I had heard about this shop from Hollie, and walked past it during St. Kilda festival with a friend and realised it was the same place. It is a really pretty shop so worth having a look.