Mother's Day 2016


Our range of Mother's Day cards now includes over 50 cards. This year we have nine new designs and we would love to share a bit of the backstory on how we came up with some of them. If you want to visit the full range of Able And Game Mother's Day Cards you can see them here.


Mighty Morphing Power Mum! This card is a ode to the hardworking mother. I looked at some cosplay costumes for the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and used a combination of those to create this bright and fun look.

I often say, one of the greatest things you can do as an adult is have a drink with your parents. We have had a few cards that use the line "I'm glad I inherited", but only had them for Father's Day and I thought, after 6 years I should do some for Mother's Day. The image could have been a woman sitting with a fancy bottle of wine, but a bag of goon seemed much more funny, especially when it's a rather conservative looking woman drinking from it.

Fitness is a big thing these days. #fitspo #cleaneating #running #doyouevenliftbro so we have a couple of cards for this area of people's lives. The running Mum card is perfect for the marathon training Mum. Did you know they even have prams that are designed so you can run with them? Crazy! We just use our solid pram for bringing discount bags of crisps home from the supermarket.

Sweet and sentimental cards are always lovely. We have a little boy, and as you know little infants are not really capable of buying cards. So we have a few cards like the one above on the left that the partner buys on behalf of the little kid. We didn't include the word Mum on it so it can work for either Mother's Day or Father's Day. I used a photo of Gareth, Clyde and I when drawing the people, but changed the features so they don't really look like us.

Is your Mum on Facebook? There is something really exciting but also embarrassing about a Mother on facebook. If you're with a group of people and the conversation has gone quiet, bring up this topic and there will surely be someone in the room who has a funny story about something silly their Mum did on Facebook.