Masterchef Australia Recap S10e07 Tuesday Night


Welcome to the Able And Game recap of the Tuesday Night Immunity Challenge.

But firstly another intro:

Salad tossing is FUN, especially when there is a whole tomato jumping about squashing all the perfectly sliced cucumber.




Last night's immunity pin episode gave away a BIG Masterchef secret, Gary appears to have no clue what happened in last year's season.

Shannon on the other hand binge watched the last ten seasons so if you're at a trivia night and a Masterchef question comes up he is your man.


The first challenge in the fight for the immunity pin is cooking the humble egg. Matt gives us some egg stats and Loki applauds eggs because we eat almost 3 billion of them a year.



The producers issue a strict no egg pun warning to the judges.

But Matt can't resist a good egg pun and decides to break this rule at the final stages of the cook.

Despite having 11 minutes left Sashi panics about not having enough time to cook his egg. He needs to check my drawings from Sunday! Sashi you have a microwave, a quick 45 second blast and surely it would still have the prized oozy runny yolk the judges are after.



Tim decides to take a big risk and not cook meat. Instead he makes a sponge with a caramel fish sauce. Weirdly, when the judges taste it they think there isn't enough fish sauce in the caramel. They also tell Tim not to bother being creative because you need to be a good cook to be creative and don't bother this early in the competition.


Despite making eggs the hero of the dish with a fried egg served with a sauce consisting of egg and oil, Sashi does not get to compete for an immunity pin.

Chloe and Kristen have the top two dishes and Chloe is crowned the winner with her dish, one of the seven types of noodles she knows how to make.


Round Two

Chloe is to compete against Young Chef Of The Year Shui Ishizaka from Bennelong and she gets to choose 10 ingredients from a big stack on a table. While making her selection Shannon hovers over her counting each item and telling her what is is. I assume Chloe can count and also identify ingredients, so this needless commentary from Shannon is redundant and slightly menacing. I almost want him to come to the supermarket with me so he can help me stick to the weekly budget.


Chloe is making tortellini, Shui is making prawn custard and milk skin and all the contestants rave about how amazing it is to see a professional chef at work. Shannon tells Chloe she can't go back to the table and get more ingredients like this is new information and the producers didn't run through 10 times before filming started. He also tells her that cooking the pasta is the most crucial part of the cook. He doesn't tell Shui that cooking his milk skin is the most crucial part of his dish. I assume that part was edited out.




Shui makes a very inventive foil boat to contain his custard. The foil is around the bottom of the bowl and it helps it to float in the water. Shui also borrows George's divvying up scissors to plate up his dish, which he does very fast and very well.

The judges taste the food and it seems clear which one comes from a professional chef, however Matt gives both dishes and 8 and Shui only wins by 2 points with both Gary and George giving Shui a 9 and Chloe and 8. Close, but not close enough Chloe.