Masterchef Australia Recap S10e16 Monday Night


Welcome to the Able And Game recap of tonight’s Masterchef Australia Pressure Test.
Chloe, Ben and Michelle all cooked the worst dishes last night so don the black aprons to compete for their lives in the competition.
It shows them packing their suitcases at the Masterchef house we discover there are wall hangings of the giant gold dish the winner receives on every wall.



Tonight Gordon is in chef whites which means it is going to be an exciting day. Matt tells them it is a pressure test, that’s clearly written on the bottle (of what? Their tears?) but today it is a jumbo sized bottle.
Ben says “bloody hell” and Michelle says, no that’s my line.

Gordon is going to prepare a dish and they will have to make it at the same time. We’ve seen this before and it looks hectic because they don’t stop if you fall behind. Chloe decides this is an impossible task and Gordon tells her it’s okay, you’ll have 10 more seconds after I finish to finish your dish.
Gordon is cooking a dish he has been making for the last 20 years and Gary can’t wait!
The dish is packed with finesse, it is Gordon’s Ravioli, or Raviolo? We will just call them Ravilols.

They show the finished dish to us, but not the contestants, they have no idea what this will look like and that is causing panic. The dish features a golf ball sized ravilol, some spinach, shellfish bisque and it is all cooked by a demon according to Ben.

Gordon starts with the pasta dough and everyone is keeping up and it is going well. Michelle starts scraping out her dough from the food processer and people from the gantry tell her to watch out because … the blade … Michelle cuts her finger on it and blood is on her dough. Gordon says he isn’t going to stop but he seems to slow right down, then tell her what to do and she catches up.

They’re then making a mirepoix, which is a mix of carrot, celery and onion. Now he’s doing things with the marron and Chloe has never worked with it and Michelle is struggling. It’s like when you go to a Zumba class and you know none of the moves and you watch the instructor but realise you’re flailing about looking very uncoordinated.

Gordon tells either Michelle or Chloe to get that marron in the bisque young lady. Or girls. It’s either young lady or girls.
Chloe is now flustered with her marron. She doesn’t know where it is meant to go, how to get it out or what to do with it once it is out.


People yell stuff to her from the gantry and she still has no idea. Ben comes to help her with the removal of marron from tail and Gordon starts yelling at Ben saying “earth to Ben”


Gordon then pulls out the shit sack from the marron and says it’s crunchy.





Gordon is now filleting the trout and up in the gantry Jess’s eyes light up because this is like Youtube IRL. But without the comments, unless you overhear Gary and George’s conversation.

GeorgieBoy79: “That's right, Ramsay, you slap that trout. You slap that trout real good, baby. Mmmnn... Keep slapping that trout...”
GazzaMazza69: “He keep saying let the knife do the work, but my knife doesn't :(“
GeorgieBoy79: “salt bae vs gordon ramsay death battle”



Gordon tells them to act like a chef now, but what were they doing for the last hour?
Ben is really starting to feel the pressure and makes a very stressed out face.

They are now cooking the ravilols and the spinach. Gordon wants them to make three balls of ravilols, three beauties for one stunner.
More Ben stress face.

Chloe, Michelle and Ben must start plating up.
Michelle’s claws are not out of her shell, Ben can’t find his claws despite them sitting right next to his plate. He has claw blindness. I have no idea what happened to Chloe’s claws. They start flopping ravilols on the plate and slopping sauce everywhere in the whole extra 10 seconds they got after Gordon finished cooking.


They taste Gordon’s dish first and Matt said he had it back in 1999 and George says this time it's good because it is free.

Ben is worried because he missed the micro herbs and his plate is a mess.

Gordon is impressed because Ben did something he has never witnessed before in his life. He helped another human.
Why did you do that Ben?
Because it was a good thing to do.

The judges are impressed with his dish, the sauce looked too thin but it turns out it is just as tasty as Gordon’s. He also included the claws and Gordon didn’t expect anyone to do that.

George asks if he should be penalised for forgetting the micro herbs and Gordon shakes his head, a firm no, they are just a garnish.
Gary says he knows it is a good dish because he wants more. He doesn’t ever say BAGS OF FLAVOUR.

Chloe is worried her pasta is either over cooked, or possibly under cooked. And is the bisque pungent enough? Chloe said it has been nerve wracking and yesterday was tough because it was one of her children’s first days of school. Gary, missing the fact that Chloe wasn’t there for this milestone, says “isn’t that wonderful?”. Gordon tells her he has missed a lot of things in the last 10 years and you have to sacrifice if you want to make it to the top.
Her plating is messy, and it needs finesse because it isn’t a difficult plate to dish. The filling and pasta is cooked beautifully but the sauce lacked seasoning and the bisque is not as strong as Ben’s and it’s missing depth of flavour.

Michelle has done everything she can tonight, she has even bled for this competition.
The judges are impressed she finished after she fell behind with her cut finger and Gordon tells her she is a smart girl.

Michelle didn’t peel the shell of her crab claw but plonked it on anyway and this was a silly mistake.

However, not as big as not listening to Matt’s cooking lesson yesterday because the heat didn’t penetrate all the way through and the marron isn’t cooked properly. You can rush a ravilol!

Michelle is going home, due to her undercooked Marron.


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