Masterchef Australia Recap S10e37 Tuesday Night


Welcome to the Illustrated Masterchef Recap of episode 37, the immunity pin challenge.

Tonight Reece, Chloe, Ben and Kristen competed for an immunity pin.


Round one was an ice cream taste test, full of conventional flavours like boysenberry, coconut, strawberry and blood orange. Not like actual Masterchef kitchen ice cream flavours: toast, salt and vinegar chips and whatever they can rip out from the herb garden.


masterchef australia recap


The Matt and George have a new game. It is called heaping shit on Gary for loving food a lot.

Round one: giving him crap for tasting the ice cream.

masterchef australia recap

Round two, giving him the whole tub of neapolitan ice cream and implying he would eat it all.

masterchef australia recap



Kristen was victorious in the Who Knows Ice Cream Best challenge.

Chloe got cherry ripe wrong, she guessed musk stick.
Reece got lychee wrong, he guessed orange
Ben got lavender wrong, he guessed grape.


Kristen found out she was cooking against Alice Wright from Millstone Patisserie in Melbourne. She had to choose to hero an ingredient out of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, with what looked like a home brand tub of Neapolitan ice cream demonstrating these flavours. She chose chocolate.

masterchef australia recap


Alice spoke about how the 1000 desserts she makes each week take days to make, so 60 minutes wasn't a lot of time. Shannon tells her it isn't even 60 minutes because TIME GOES SO FAST IN THE MASTERCHEF KITCHEN.

People constantly tell Kristen to motor.

Alice seems to have failed with her knowledge of the blast chiller and her dome mould chocolate stuff won't come out. This dome mould weird parfait thing feels like Masterchef circa 2016. Brendan grimaces as her half melted brown slop barely breaks free from the silicone dome mold.


masterchef australia recap



Alice's dish is described as a chocolate pond and Gary's ears prick up.

masterchef australia recap

Kristen has made a fabo dessert, although her "theatre" fails a little as the chocolate starts melting before the sauce is poured. Matt makes up for this by chanting MORE MORE MORE to George.

Shannon told Kristen to not put more lime in her mousse but she didn't listen. Then Sarah told us she didn't listen so we knew this would be a big problem come tasting.

This image below really is only funny because of the SHA-BE CHIC which I think is what Vue De Monde should be called from now on.


masterchef australia recap

In the end it was a draw. Kristen made a nice dessert but didn't hero the white chocolate. Alice made an average dessert and heroed the chocolate. So when they say FLAVOUR IS EVERYTHING, you know this is false. Hero ingredient being heroed is everything.