Boat Time


For the first time since 2008 I got to spend a few days with the parents down at Lakes Entrance on the family boat. We got the boat way back in 1985 and every childhood family holiday has been spent here.

Hanging with the olds is always good fun and I often say being able to have a few drinks with your parents is like an reward you get for being an adult. Our drinks of choice where wine, a couple of G and Ts (perfect weather for it) and also some port (Dad got about 38942943892 bottles for his 60th a few years back). We also got soaking wet driving back in the tinnie one night when a westerly wind was coming in and going across the entrance was quiet rough. After we dried off our faces where all white from the salty water. It was a bit of an adventure.

Now I'm back and its less elrelax-o and more hello Valentine's Day-o with some cards more influence by the trip than others.