Canberra Card - Dickson


A couple of Sunday's ago while I was at the North Melbourne Market I was thinking about the following weekend and how I would be in Canberra for the Undercurrent Market. I thought about how they don't have a train network so making station cards for the city wouldn't be able to happen. Then I remembered the signs they have for each suburb look just like station signs. I smsed my Canberra residing brother to tell him of my idea, while also looking at a map of the city to see if the names were good for making cards. Turns out they were and less than 6 hours later I had an inbox full of pictures thanks to my Brother and his trusty bride to be.

Now Dickson was an interesting one because it contains the word dick which is a little tee hee hee. I had that sure is a big Dickson in my head, but knew we were not actually going to make a card that said that. Gareth and I had a pre sleep brain storm (the one where ideas are often not written down) and I came up with the Richard Nixon Mask card below. I realised I was onto something when I discovered Richard Nixon Mask has its own Wikipedia page (sure it needs citations and verification but I'm taking it). After I finished the drawings and set the card up it made me laugh and feel all happy inside like the time I made the I Touched a Cat card. We made a few little changes (the famous hand gesture and the Watergate t-shirt) and we were off. The card is available on Etsy.