What Cha Been Up To?


So things have been a wee bit quiet on the home front, because the home is now full of baby! After 9 long months of pregnancy we welcomed our first child into the world at the end of January. His name is Clyde and he is pretty adorable! I think everyone thinks that about their own baby and if they don't we doubt they will tell anyone. Work wise we are now learning what the new normal is, juggling a business with a growing human. We hope he will inspire a whole new range of cards, including a new type of birthday card in which on your birthday you send a card to your Mum to say thanks for going through labour just so you could enter the world.

You can still find us each week at Rose Street Market and we are still updating our Instagram and trying to limit the amount of cat baby photos we put up. Stay tuned for our next post introducing another new member of the family. Yes, we got another cat.