Road Trip Day Three - Knoxville To Nashville


Route: Knoxville Tennessee to Nashville Tennessee
Date: Friday 8th June
Departed: 1 pm
Arrived: 3 pm (CDT)
Stops: None
Distance: 297.5km
Arguments: 0

We were feeling a little delicate on this trip, lucky it was only a few hours so we could leave later in the afternoon.

The drive to Nashville was pretty eat, although I missed getting a good pic of the huge gold discoball that sits above Knoxville.

We arrived in Nashville and had a really lovely evening. A great Indian restaurant suggested by the people we stayed with, then we walked to a local park and caught the end of their sons under 10 baseball match. We also saw fireflies for the first time. The area was really lovely, huge homes with big porches, big green backyards and friendly folk who say hello when you walk past.
We are a bit slow with our updating, I'll need to get onto the next few days!