An Ode To Winter


It's time to space bag the doona suit because winter is over. Eight months ago when Gareth and I arrived in Scotland it was -8 C,  so this Melbourne Winter hasn't felt too cold. Add to that a new place that often doesn't require heating and it has been an a-ok winter. That being said I'm looking forward to summer!

Here are a few links that are getting us ready for summer:

- We didn't just actually go through winter, this is what winter is really like. I'd suggest they shift to Melbourne but I think our summers might be a wee bit tough on them.

- Uber cute summer dresses by Gorman.

- Cricket. And for those of you who don't think it is interesting, I still remember this match. It has run outs, it had McGrath coming into bat, and it has Bevan saving the day.

-Cocktails. In jars with pretty straws. I'm thinking vodka/pink grapefruit/passion fruit/mint would do the trick. What's your favourite recipe?

-Swimming time. I'm looking forward to hitting the beach again this year. I think Sandringham is my favourite place in Melbourne.