Revolver Designer Market


We have been doing Revolver Designer Market for about a year now and the next one is on tomorrow night. It is a super relaxed market on the second Thursday or each month and we love it because we can have a yummy meal, a drink with friends and sell some cards. The food is also very very good and on my top 5 Melbourne eateries. Our Rose Street buddy Kirsteene from Scrumptious Productions also does it, giving us a chance to talk Mad Men and True Blood.

Speaking of TV, this season of Project Runway (I think it is 8) is really really good. The eps are longer and they are editing it a bit different from previous seasons and adding these great little moments. They are subtle, like cutting away from someone a few seconds later and catching these looks. It is a common thing in UK shows, but not so much in US. And Tim Gunn. Wow, that man is the man. It went through a bit of a lull the last few seasons and this time I was wondering if I should even bother watching it. Very glad I did, at least for the Tim/Michael/Nina fix.