Get Me A Filing Cabinet - Stat!


I drew these cards while at Rose Street one Saturday on the little table set up behind my stall. The table is probably at the top of my list of things I need while doing the market. I could almost do without a float and food, maybe even stock. As long as I have my table I am happy.

When I was drawing the guy I decided I was going to put him in a kilt because the idea of trousers seemed a bit heavy and I seem to draw an awful lot of guys in yellow shorts. I showed it to my neighbours Hollie and Mark and asked what they thought of the kilt. They were both a bit confused so I decided to do the next logical thing, turn the guy into a girl wearing a skirt. No surprises to see that the new guy ended up in a set of yellow shorts, stick with what you know! They are
both available on Etsy as well as this weekend at Rose Street.